Nuclear Geometry: About the Author

Copyright 1997, 2002 by Arnold J. Barzydlo

Full Name:
     Arnold James Barzydlo (Jim)

Date of Birth: 20 MAY, 1958

Place of Birth: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

     Lincoln Northeast High School ('76)
     DeAnza Community College (California)
     University of Nebraska 
     (No degrees, just an odd mix of classes.)

Occupation: Electronics Technician

Career History:
     USAF, Sunnyvale AFS, Sunnyvale California, (76-80)
     Versatek, Inc., A Xerox Subsidiary, Santa Clara California (80-82)
     Isco, Inc., Lincoln Nebraska (83-01)
     US Postal Service, Electronic Technician, Lincoln, NE. (2004-present)
Career Goals: None. I mean, they just aren't achievable anymore, too many delays. I've done what I really needed to do.

Avocations: Cosmogony, Cosmology, String Theory, FTL Theory. Cosmological roots of microphysical interactions and quantum anomalies. Macroscopic QM errors manifesting in the "real world."

Other Interests: Varies a lot, but I seem to have a lot less time these days for anything but sleeping and working. I play a few online games from time to time, Fallout 3 is my current game of choice. I tinker with electronics a bit, and do a bit of reading, mostly Science Fiction.

Favorite Places: Ocean beaches, mountains of California, forests, campfires, secluded little out of the way places overflowing with nature, starry nights in the country, the Black Hills, and a really good gothic nightmare.

Nuclear Shells
Empirical Laws

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