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Neutron 2: 2nd Degree (N2-20)

The Neutron Shell of 2 is built from seven hadron strings. One of the strings is equatorial, passing through four quarks, the other six strings each pass through three of the quarks. (The cotton balls are stuffed into the models to hide the background strings from view... the pictures are too confusing otherwise.)

Stereograms of N2-20 and P2-20 Shell

The left model in each image is the N2-20 shell, the right is the P2-20. These shells will stack as a complementary pair forming Helium 4. I suspect the proton shell may be able to take the inner shell position in He-4, and the electron pair may be harbored in the nuclear interior, preventing helium-4 from forming electron-mediated bonds, thus making it inert.

Required Snap Points: 22
Available Snap Points: 22
Pinned Vector Bosons: 0
L1 = 17.29112138" (equatorial)
L2 = 14.11814644" (filler)
Model Diameter: 5.503934877"
Loop Ratio (1:2): 1.224744442
Loop Equation:
1(L1) + 6(L2) = 102"
Snap Point Equation:
1(4) + 6(3) = 22 R.S.P.

Copyright 1997 by Arnold J. Barzydlo
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