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Neutron 5, Polar Star (N5-41P)

This is pretty much the solution set for N5. You can modify any of the P5 shells by pinning 5 more radical strings to them to get the proper number of down quarks, so they would also have to be considered as viable solutions. There are an extremely limited number of solution sets for a five particle shell, and its an important shell, so it is no coincidence I have concentrated so much effort on them. I have successfully stacked this shell with (P5-42P) to arrive at a B10 nucleus which demonstrates a linearized orbital responsible for the semiconducting properties of boron, and this is my best evidence that these nuclear modeling techniques really work as advertised. The principal isotope of beryllium (Be9) and the second isotope (20% abundance) of boron (B10) use five neutrons. Note that pulling off one of the filler circlets (black loops) and pinning three more radical strings will yield N5-44P, which may be required for shell stacking of Beryllium 9. Pulling off all of the filler circlets and substituting 10 radical strings at the poles (or one lepton string at each pole pinned to each of the five polar quarks in a "flower petal" arrangement) yields N5-3(10)P. This N5-3(10)P arrangement is easy to stack with P4-30P, P4-30, and P4-42 and may be appropriate for the primary isotope of beryllium 9. (I'm a bit annoyed, though, I've worked hard to fill my shell models, using pinned strings only where they could not be avoided. I'm starting to wonder if nature is even less stringent in its nuclear regimen than I have been. In the act of stacking shells, nature may not hesitate to drop filler circlets and substitute pinned strings to achieve a stable shell stacking arrangement. If that turns out to be so, then I've been working too hard.)

Stereograms of N5-41P

Required Snap Points: 55
Available Snap Points: 54
Pinned Vector Bosons: 1
L1 = 29.16426582" (Structural)
L2 = 30.6651238" (Equatorial)
L3 = 11.7130239" (Polar)
L4 = 18.36249977" (Filler)
Model Diameter: 9.761012067"
Loop Ratios:
(1:2): 0.951056516
(1:3): 2.48990065
(1:4): 1.588251392
(2:3): 2.618036475
(2:4): 1.669986341
(3:4): 0.637877416
Loop Equation:
5(L1) + 1(L2) + 2(L3) + 3(L4) = 255"
Snap Point Equation:
5(6) + 1(5) + 2(5) + 3(3) = 54 A.S.P.
(+ 1 P.V.B. = 55 R.S.P.)

Copyright 1997 by Arnold J. Barzydlo
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